What is BIOWEEKSF and BioWeekSF.com?

BioWeekSF is the week also known as “JPM” or “JPM Week” in San Francisco that occurs each January in San Francisco — the week that the J. P. Morgan Healthcare Conference is held.

BioWeekSF.com is a members-only website catered specifically for the attendees and stakeholders of the JPM Week in San Francisco in January. Launching November 4th and running through the BioWeekSF/JPM Week in January,  BioWeekSF.com provides its members with invaluable information, discounts, resources, and more for two months.

Why is BioWeekSF.com needed?

BioWeekSF.com is a valuable online resource for what has become the most crucial business week for healthcare and life sciences investing and partnering, as it serves as a daily guiding light through the chaos of the week. BioWeekSF.com also offers much-needed savings: San Francisco is expensive as it is and “JPM Week” is only worse: BioWeekSF.com can be a balm for attendees during this important gathering.

Does BioWeekSF.com have links to all JPM Week events?

Yes, the EVENT PORTAL within BioWeekSF.com not only provides members with a full listing with links to all of the week’s events, but also provides updates on those events, including speaker updates, various important deadlines, and more.

Does BioWeekSF.com have information on receptions?

Yes, BioWeekSF.com will provide links to the organizations/guides that aggregate information on the week’s receptions.

Can BioWeekSF.com help me make the most of my time during JPM Week?

Undoubtedly, as this is BioWeekSF.com’s mission. From news and updates to specialized consulting that can help you determine the best events to attend and more, BioWeekSF.com will optimize JPM Week attendees’ time in San Francisco.

How much does a BioWeekSF.com membership cost?

BioWeekSF memberships are $50 per individual. At this time, no corporate memberships are available.

How long does BioWeekSF.com run?

BioWeekSF.com begins on November 4, 2019 and runs through BioWeekSF (January 11-16, 2020)

Will you have updates about the JPM Healthcare Conference?

Though BioWeekSF.com is not affiliated with J.P. Morgan nor the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, the site will keep its members updated on developments with the conference.

How does the consulting service work?

BioWeekSF features a special consulting section for all types of JPM Week attendees, from the first-time visitors to the established “veterans”. All too often, people believe or think that they know exactly what they are looking for, where they should go, who they should meet, and more – and many times, these are incorrect. Once a JPM Week attendee gives information on their needs/wants, BioWeekSF’s collected group of consultants will review this information and offer several options on how they can be of help to the JPM Week attendee, thus maximizing his/her time during the week and going forward.