What is BioWeekSF.com?

It’s the ONE site that organizes the chaos that is BioWeekSF (aka “JPM” or “JPM Week”). We call the week “BioWeekSF” as there are many additional, important events that go on outside and beyond the J. P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

A private investor meeting that began 30+ years ago has grown into the can’t-miss gathering of nearly 40,000 life sciences professionals who attend more than 25 events and 80 receptions. This growth has created a chasm between the huge demand for information and the availability of dedicated source guides.

The solution? Big4Bio’s BioWeekSF.com – a premium “JPM Week-portal” dedicated solely to providing expert guidance, information, and exclusive savings to help attendees make the most of JPM Week.

Whether you come for the events and meetings – or even just for the receptions — San Francisco will be the place to be and BioWeekSF.com is the place to start:


Uncertain about what to do, who to talk to, where to go and more? We understand – BioWeekSF is indeed a turbulent time and if you don’t navigate everything the right way, you can get left behind. Ensure that your time will be well-spent by connecting with our consultants who will guide you to the best path possible.

Event Portal

How about having ONE place to go to know about all of the week’s events and activities? How about ONE place to take care all of your event registrations, including details on the best discounts and more? We’ve got you covered: BioWeekSF.com’s Event Portal provides you with the full list of the events going on during BioWeekSF/JPM Week and links to register or find out more information.


Let’s face it – San Francisco is expensive as it is, and when it comes to this annually important week in January, it’s nearly absurd. BioWeekSF.com will offer exclusive discounts, deals, and GIVEAWAYS on the week’s EVENTS, HOUSING, TRAVEL, and more, saving you hundreds of dollars! BioWeekSF.com also provides you with special access to PREMIUM CONTENT from industry media and dealmaking resources; bottom line: BioWeekSF is the ultimate savings resource for BioWeekSF/JPM Week attendees!


Having the right tools is essential in any job, and we have collected and organized the top software, reports, and more to help you succeed. Don’t delay on getting the products and services you need for JPM Week.


And of course we’ll keep you updated on the latest developments and news up to and during the week, including event updates, company presentations, press releases, information on receptions and other functions, and much more.


We have put together a collection of interviews with top executives and advisors in the industry in order to provide insight about what the major players want and looking for in deals and partners.

BioWeekSF.com is everything you need to make the most out of BioWeekSF/JPM Week!

Sharon Tetlow

“JPM Week is hectic for almost everyone, but a must-attend for anyone wanting to do business in the life sciences. BioWeekSF.com will make sense of what can become chaotic, making the week go as smoothly as possible. It is a much needed one-stop-shop that more than pays for itself.”

Sharon Tetlow, CEO, Potrero Hill Advisors